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The Bradford Adversity, Trauma and Resilience (ATR) Programme is designed to drive the districts collective ambitions of working together to reduce the unequal impact of adversity and trauma across the lifespan. The programme is doing this by intervening early and developing trauma informed services. This is being done in partnership with the wider system, community, including people with lived experience so that we can articulate prioritise in a meaningful way. The ATR strategy has three principle aims for the first 3 years:

  • To reduce the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma on the population across the Bradford District.
  • To build resilience against long term harm of adversity and trauma.
  • To raise awareness so that the Bradford population is able to access and receive integrated support from a range of professionals across the lifespan.

Here is a link to our website


Beacon House

Lots of useful resources for families, teachers, professionals


DDP Network

Useful resources for families, teachers and professionals re developmental trauma, attachment, etc

DDP Network


American trauma network, resources, papers, etc


ACEs, trauma and resilience strategy launch

Bradford Adversity, Trauma & Resilience Strategy

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